The Mark at Los Angeles

“Delivering an elevated experience”

Period of Performance: August 2023 (Ongoing)

Scope: GCC was contracted by Landmark Development and Bernards to deliver facilitated Alignment and Partnering for The Mark at Los Angeles housing development project in Westwood, CA

Major stakeholders: Landmark Development and Bernards.

Project Description: The Mark at Los Angeles is a seven-story building featuring 37 two, three, four, and five-bedroom apartments containing 196 beds and associated amenities. The project is designed to elevate the college living experience while redefining off campus student housing through a blend of style, comfort, and convenience to create the ideal choice for students and young professionals in Los Angeles, CA. Total area of the project is nearly 88,000 SF including three levels of below grade parking.

Project Gallery

Central Substation #2 at JFK Airport

“CS2-Powering A Whole New JFK” Period of Performance: February 2023 (Ongoing) Scope: GCC was contracted Yonkers Contracting Company to deliver facilitated Partnering for the Central