Aviano Air Base Rapid Airfield Damage Recovery Storage Facility

“Ensuring airfield availability, enabling unhindered air combat operations, and projectingairfield excellence into the future”

“Assicurare l’operatività delle superfici aeroportuali, garantendo la continuità delleoperazioni di combattimento aereo eproiettando l’eccellenza dell’aviosuperficie nel futuro”

Period of Performance: October 2023 (ongoing)

Scope: GCC was contracted by ContiFederal to deliver facilitated Partnering for the new Aviano Air Base Rapid Airfield Damage Recovery Storage Facility at the Aviano Air Base, Aviano Italy.

Major stakeholders: Included US Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC), US Air Force, Aviano AB Mission Support, and ContiFederal Construction.

Project Description: This project will consist of Rapid Airfield Damage Recovery (RADR) Storage Facilities for a Medium RADR kit. The project will include 5,750 sqm of warehouse storage for vehicles and equipment with industrial ventilation, freeze protection, demolition and replacement of POV parking lot, site utilities, storm water retention, underground drainage field and an exterior international standardization organization container storage pad.

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