SummerHill Homes: North 40 Market Hall

The Market Hall is a 4 story mixed-use building with retail space, a parking garage, and affordable housing units in the Northern California Town of Los Gatos. The project is scheduled to complete in mid-2023. GCC provides scheduling and Project Management/Construction Management professional services as an owner consultant. GCC has taken a collaborative approach to developing a baseline schedule and is continuing support for monthly reporting reviews and schedule analysis. GCC has been integral in setting up proper RFI and submittal workflows to ensure the project stays on track and will continue to assist the on-site project team in resolving contractor coordination and progress issues as they arise, cost alignment within budget, and general guidance.

GCC Services: CM/ Scheduling

Central Substation #2 at JFK Airport

“CS2-Powering A Whole New JFK” Period of Performance: February 2023 (Ongoing) Scope: GCC was contracted Yonkers Contracting Company to deliver facilitated Partnering for the Central