San Bernardino Valley College Student Services Building

“Delivering an inspirational and welcoming environment for the students and community, inservice to those who will serve others.”

Period of Performance: October 2022 (Ongoing)

Scope: GCC was contracted by McCarthy Construction on behalf of the San Bernardino Community College District to deliver facilitated Partnering for the new San Bernardino Valley College Student Services Building, located in San Bernardino, California.

Major Stakeholders: San Bernardino Community College District, Valley College, Cannon Design, and McCarthy Construction.

Project Description: The new Student Services Building project includes the design and construction of a new 3-story student-centered support space of 64,334 assignable square feet (ASF) supporting Counseling & Matriculation and Student Equity & Success, health & wellness services, classrooms, laboratories, study, tutoring, assembly and collaborations spaces, as well as lounges, office space and a conference room, delivered at the site of the existing Liberal Arts building, which is to be demolished.

Project Gallery

Central Substation #2 at JFK Airport

“CS2-Powering A Whole New JFK” Period of Performance: February 2023 (Ongoing) Scope: GCC was contracted Yonkers Contracting Company to deliver facilitated Partnering for the Central