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Los Angeles World Airports taps HOK+Arup for Three-Year Design and Planning On-Call Agreement.

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), the owner and operator of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Van Nuys Airport (VNY), has selected HOK+Arup to serve as Principal Architect and Principal Engineer to advance the planning and design of their potential capital investment projects over the next three years. By creating a single, consolidated on-call vehicle to deliver large and small projects throughout LAX and VNY — a first for the airport — LAWA is ensuring a streamlined and cost-effective way to modernize and improve both airports for air travelers, airport employees, and the local community.

A gateway to North America and the Pacific Rim, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is a crucial artery of the region’s infrastructure. As such, it must be maintained and modernized to continue thriving, particularly as the city and surrounding community look forward to hosting the 2028 Olympic Games.

The HOK+Arup Joint Venture team comprises 47 partners, 30 of which are small, local, and minority businesses. The teaming effort was driven by a desire to work with businesses from the surrounding community to deliver the projects that will shape it in the future. HOK+Arup will ensure LAWA’s diversity and inclusion vision is at the heart of each design and planning project. The on-call agreement will not only deliver seamless airport improvements but also serve as a catalyst for local businesses and broader community engagement.

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“As our $14 billion capital improvement program continues to reinvent the LAX experience, bringing all of the experts in planning architecture and engineering under one umbrella will create efficiencies as we look at how to create these critical infrastructure projects while providing opportunities for local businesses and workers to help build a better LAX,” — Bernardo Gogna, Chief Development Officer, Los Angeles World Airports. “Over the next several years, LAWA will continue to evolve as it completes its modernization and becomes one of the world’s leading airports. Alongside HOK and our impressive team of local businesses, we have an opportunity to deliver the necessary economic and environmental resilience for this essential piece of infrastructure while building upon the significant relationship between LAWA and the community.”


“The HOK+Arup team looks forward to building on our foundational relationship with Los Angeles World Airports and defining a future where innovation and passenger experience come first. Our team members have been involved with LAWA for decades as part of design teams to deliver projects large and small across LAX and advising LAWA in an array of disciplines. Our work together will help define this next generation of airfield, terminal, and roadway modernization development to serve our region and visitors.”


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“CS2-Powering A Whole New JFK” Period of Performance: February 2023 (Ongoing) Scope: GCC was contracted Yonkers Contracting Company to deliver facilitated Partnering for the Central