James A Musick Facility Phase I

“Creating a safe and secure environment while inspiring change through health and wellness.”

Period of Performance: February 2021 (Ongoing)

Scope: GCC was contracted by Vaniron behalf of the Orange County Sherriff’s Department to deliver facilitated Partnering for the new James A Musick Facility Phase I project in Orange County, CA.

Major stakeholders: Include Orange County Sherriff’s Department, Orange County Department of Public Works, HDR, Bernards, and Vanir.

Project Description: The James A Musick Facility (JAMF) Phase I project funded by AB900 includes new building construction of a 512-bed stand-alone jail facility. The project will include site improvements to support the construction of inmate housing and spaces for administration, intake and reception, visitation, kitchen services, medical/dental services, employee locker rooms and break rooms, hardscaping, landscaping, security systems, and utilities. The existing JAMF will suspend inmate operations during construction, while laundry and farming activities will remain operational.

Project Gallery

Central Substation #2 at JFK Airport

“CS2-Powering A Whole New JFK” Period of Performance: February 2023 (Ongoing) Scope: GCC was contracted Yonkers Contracting Company to deliver facilitated Partnering for the Central