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Project Controls

Project Controls

Project controls help ensure project delivery through proven processes, procedures, technology, and expertise.

The project controls process is developed to ensure the project team meets design requirements, budget, and schedule. Our Project Controls Professionals utilize best practices and a disciplined, qualitative approach to project documentation, earned value, planning, and reporting. We provide a deep understanding of each of the following critical elements:

  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Cost Control
  • Earned Value Management
  • Change Management
  • Financial Management & Cash Flow
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Planning & Scheduling

Planning and then scheduling by discrete activities of scope over time, including phasing, durations, logic, and calendars.

Our team can deliver:

  • Planning and Scheduling procedure
  • Level I Milestone schedule (bar chart or tabular)
  • Level II Summary schedule (bar chart or tabular)
  • Level III Detailed schedule (bar chart)
  • Baseline comparisons (bar chart) Risk analysis (Primavera Risk Analysis)
  • Fragnets (bar chart or time-scaled logic diagram)
  • Look Aheads (bar chart)
  • Effective Progress Measurement Systems
  • Critical Paths (bar chart or time-scaled logic diagram)

Cost Control

Breaking down budgets into manageable sub-element (WBS) in terms of actuals and forecasts to know exactly where your cost is now and trending at the end of the project compared to your planned original budget. Our team can deliver:

  • Cost Control procedure
  • Summary and Detailed Cost Reports subdivided by WBS, including:
  • Budgets (original, revised, and performance)
  • Funding
  • Commitments
  • Actuals
  • Estimate To Complete (ETC)
  • Estimate At Complete (EAC)


  • Contractor’s project manual/information tracking systems
  • Project schedule and budget 
  • Weekly job site meetings
  • Long–lead materials and equipment 
  • RFIs, Bulletins, RFP, prepare change orders
  • Project schedule and project budget
  • Progress payments/pay requests
  • Maintain records of project accounting
  • Claims analysis and dispute resolution
  • Final inspections and punch lists for completion

Change Management

It is vital to manage changes of scope, schedule, and/or costs that arise and to have the processes and procedures in place to quickly assess if the change is acceptable, necessary, and approved before a change is acted upon. Our team can deliver: 

⦁ Change Management procedure
⦁ Change Request form
⦁ Change Order form
⦁ Change Logs including:
⦁ Change description
⦁ Change type (client, agency, E&O, hidden condition)
⦁ Cost and schedule impact

Financial Management & Cash Flow

Securing, allocating, and efficient management of capital and expense costs for budgeting upfront is critical in meeting the goals of a project and avoiding delays related to funding. Setting a plan, forecasting cash flow, and then managing the progress along that flow plan ensures cash flow stability. Our team can deliver:

⦁ Financial Management procedure
⦁ Accounts Payable procedure
⦁ Forecast of Revenues, Expenses, and Margins
⦁ Funding Forecasts
⦁ Balance Sheets (Assets vs. Liabilities)
⦁ Periodic cash flow reports
⦁ Periodic variance reports
⦁ Cash Flows