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Program. Project, & Construction Management

Program. Project, & Construction Management

Program, Project, & Construction Management

Program and Project Management (P&PM) processes are the technical and management consultancy services working for the best interest of the Owner providing full control over project(s).   Full P&PM services incorporates all the following:

  • Project Development and Site Selection

  •   Feasibility

  •   Planning

  •   Organizing

  •   Space programming

  •   Cost Estimating

  •   Project Controls

  •   Planning & Scheduling

  •   Cost Control

  •   Change Management

  •   Cash Flow

  •   Document Management

  • Communication Management / Flow of Information

  • Financial Management

  •   Quality and Value Engineering and Better Value Return

  •   Safety

  •   Documentation (Agreements, Manuals, etc.)

  •   Scheduling

  •   A/E selection

  •   Design Control

  •   Bidding / Contractor selection

  •   Construction Management

  •   Occupancy Management

Our professional P&PM staff are highly experienced in providing the above services which may be provided in whole or in part depending on the Owner’s set up and/or the initial stage of the project(s).

GCC P&PM team is the professional agent of the owner.

P&PM services provide the Owner with the technical expertise that they require in order to complete their Project(s) with high degree of Design and Construction Control. In a highly variable Project conditions, it incorporates Project Organization Streamlining, Technical and Administration Capability, Cost Control and Schedule Control.

P&PM services provide the Owner with the technical expertise that they require in order to complete their Project(s) with high degree of Design and Construction Control. In a highly variable Project conditions, it incorporates Project Organization Streamlining, Technical and Administration Capability, Cost Control and Schedule Control.

Project Development and Site Selection

To confirm the project in terms of design, construction, financing and schedule.

PM will bring our technical expertise in the areas of programming, design, financing and construction together to review and confirm current budget allocations and schedules for the project.


Cost Estimating

Provide cost estimates to reflect the Client’s plans in the developing the project at various stages maximizing the level of accuracy depending on the project information and stage ranging from “Rough Order of Magnitude” to “Detailed and Itemized” cost estimates.  


Design Control

To provide design status reports on a regular basis to Client for monitoring the progress of the design.

To determine throughout the various stages of design, the information required to fully evaluate the status of the project and to implement changes and revisions as required by Client.  Provide input to the A/E firm during design to reflect Client’s expectations.  Focus during Design process includes:

  • Design Reviews

  • Constructability Reviews

  • Code Compliance / Public Agency Interface

  • Value Engineering

  • Cost Control

  • Construction Agreements/Contracts

GCC strategy is to establish a day-by-day follow up and contribution to the design process in order to provide the Design Consultant with all necessary decisions and directives that are required from the client and/or necessary government agencies.  GCC intensifies its efforts by means of providing more senior staff time especially that of the senior architect to respond almost instantly to the Design Consultant queries and request for clarification.  GCC and the Design Consultant shall jointly conduct analyses sessions for various building systems in order to rationalize the selection and lead to a cost-effective and quality solutions. GCC team will work with the Design Consultant to provide design and information in early packages, if required by Client, that will enable early start on site with packages such as site enabling, shoring, excavation, foundations, etc.

Project Closeout

To finish the project as strongly as it starts with the confidence that all systems have been checked out and are proven to operate effectively and as designed.

A key element to a project closeout program is proof of performance testing, and acceptance.  Inspection coordination prior to project closeout has been identified as a key task in the closeout management program.  We will implement an orderly closeout procedure for verification on completeness of the project and for testing and instructing Client on the operations of its systems.  Closeout activities will address the following elements:

  • Project Records

  • Punch List

  • Certificate of Occupancy

  • Collation of Warranties

  • Operation and Maintenance Documentation and training programs

  • Final Project Accounting

Planning and Organizing

Support and complement Client's organization through establishment of clear lines of authority, areas of responsibility, and outline for communication and information flow.  Develop responsibilities matrix for approval by the Client


Design Strategy and A/E Selection

To develop with Client the overall strategy for completing the new facility design.

PM will work closely with Client to develop the overall and detailed approach for procuring design consultant services and executing the design work.  The various approaches to procurement of services will be analyzed and one approach selected.  The selected approach will then be planned in detail for execution

PM will implement the strategy for selection of the design consultant to procure the highest quality designer for the best price. 

Contractor selection / Bidding

To develop guidelines for qualifying and selecting contractors and subcontractors to accomplish the scope of work for the project.

Review and outline the contractor requirements for the project, and implement the contractor selection procedure to meet these requirements and to validate the abilities of the contractor interested in performing work.

To determine a bid strategy to meet the Master Schedule requirements, assist the A/E's in structuring bid packages, and specifications conforming to the strategy that are clear, concise, and are easily interpreted by contractors and suppliers.

Manage the bid effort for the project from packaging, marketing the project, holding pre-bid conferences, analyzing and tabulating bids, to making recommendations for award of contracts.

Space programming

Realizing the importance of the financial viability of the project, the Space Programming sessions will precisely define the project, it’s components, budget estimates and allocation as well as execution master schedule.  GCC will conduct the sessions in the client’s offices with the full participation of the client, the designer, the financial analyst and real estate specialist and any other specialist that may be deemed necessary to participate, such as facility operator, etc.  To establish all components of the development program, it’s sizes, budgets and execution schedules.  This process will produce a very efficient Space Program “Project Brief” that will rationalize the areas that will be constructed and as such reflects positively on the financial performance of the project.  Space programming will address particularly, the functional relationship between the spaces, area requirement for each space, stacking and vertical and horizontal circulation, etc.  

Value Engineering and Better Value Return

To evaluate throughout the design process cost saving approaches and/or increases in efficiency which result from alternate materials, systems or methods of construction.

To provide a Value Engineering specialist and the appropriate technical support on the project team for value engineering reviews during the design stages of the project.


Construction Management

To provide the experienced, onsite personnel to work with the Client personnel to review and inspect the progress of work.

To involve the expertise of our superintendents and field engineers, both in the planning of the construction process as well as to oversee the work as it progresses.

Construction management will include the following activities:

  • Construction Contract Administration

  • Scheduling

  • Cost Control

  • Confirm Permits and Licenses

  • Confirm Bonding/Insurance

  • Document Control

  • Project Accounting and Payments Reviews

  • Quality Assurance

  • Change and Claims Management

  • Site Supervision and Inspections

  • Safety